Sandcastle Preschool
435 NW 21st Street
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Barbara Bunch , Director
At Sandcastle Preschool, we feel it is important to
expose children to a wide variety of experiences to help
instill a lifetime love of learning.  In planning our
curriculum we include the following areas of development
and learning:

*Science and Technology
*Social Studies
*The Arts
*Field Trips

*We use '
The Creative Curriculum' from Teaching
Strategies, a forward thinking, comprehensive, research-
based and proven curriculum. This curriculum is amazing
and is one of the few recognized and recommended by
the Oregon Department of Education for
an exceptional high-quality program.  

*Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum - 4’s & 5’s
Including Readiness & Writing, Numbers & Math,
Language and Literacy

*Second Step - Social Awareness   

*Kindergarten Readiness     

Sandcastle Preschool is also able to refer children with
special needs such as speech therapy, physical therapy,
and developmental delays through referral with Linn
Benton Early Intervention.

The following is a list of activities
generally included in a day at preschool:

*Free Play
*Movement and Exercise
*Story Time,
*Calendar and Sharing
*Directed Activity

*Student evaluations are done in the fall to determine
goals for each child during the year, and again in the
spring for comparison.   
*Conferences are held to give parents and teachers an
opportunity to talk about a child's progress throughout
the year.
*We believe effective communication between teacher
and parent and is essential for a positive outcome and
experience for each child.